3DHEALS is gearing up for 2017 Global Healthcare 3D Printing Conference (#3DHEALS2017) at UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center.


Check Out Our Latest Blog Post by Mr. Shannon Walters from Stanford on the Challenges in Patient-Specific Segmentation.


3DHEALS Mission statements

  • To foster and educate the community about applications and innovations focusing healthcare 3D printing.
  • To facilitate global multidisciplinary collaborative innovations in healthcare 3D printing.
  • To help with quality control, standardization, and scaling of healthcare 3D printing.



While 3D printing is a 30-year-old technology, its consumer applications are still at its infancy stage. Lower cost printers and materials allow for more players to get involve and identify new and interesting opportunities. This trend has received a major traction in the past couple of years and the use of 3D printers have been explored in several verticals including healthcare, where direct human benefits were witnessed by a few pioneer cases. Our community include members from medical 3D printing, Dental 3D printing, and Bioprinting/regenerative medicine.


White Papers and eBooks

Coming soon: A Roadmap from Idea to Implementation – 3D Printing for Pre-Surgical Applications

“We are excited about our soon to be published white paper ‘A Roadmap from Idea to Implementation – 3D Printing for Pre-Surgical Applications’.  In this paper, we explore the operational management considerations in implementing 3D printing technology specifically for pre-surgical use. Upcoming changes in the 3D printing industry that will affect medical applications will also be covered. We believe this will be the most comprehensive discussion on the subject to date and this will be free for the public to read in order to continue our efforts to foster this amazing community. Please stay tuned. ”

Authors: Hui Jenny Chen, M.D., Michelle Gabriel, MBA


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