Initiative : Startup Hub

The Startup Hub represents a global community of trailblazing innovators in the field of Healthcare 3D Printing.

Startup Hub members are in the start-up stage, with the potential to significantly impact both the 3D Printing sector and the healthcare industry through the design, development, and implementation of new technologies.

Throughout the year, a series of conferences will be organized by 3DHEALS in order to give a voice to these entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of the manufacturing industry. They are also invited to the Annual Event every year in the Startup Village where a series of networking moments are hosted with investors, VC, media, and healthcare professionals.

Criteria for entry.

Potential Startup Hub members are evaluated by 3DHEALS committee against the following criteria :

  1. Innovation: The startup must be innovative in the field of Healthcare 3D Printing
  2. Potential impact: The startup must be considered potentially disruptive to the industry.
  3. Working prototype: The startup must have a working prototype or a product on the market.
  4. Viability: The startup should be able to pitch its product or service to the healthcare sector with at least one viable use case.
  5. Vision : The startup must have a clear vision of its development and goals as well as leadership to bring the product or service to the market.