Weekly Newsletter April 1st, 2019

3D Printing Has Come of Age But How Safe Are the Devices Going Into Our Mouth?

Dr. Frank Alifui-Segbaya

I commenced experimental research into the safety of 3D-printed devices at the time 3D Printing (3DP) was largely considered to be at a “proof of concept stage” in dentistry. I vividly remember how the technology was relatively unknown in my discipline when I arrived on the splendorous Gold Coast, 7 years ago to take up a lecturing position at Griffith University. It is against these backdrops that I would describe the recent hype and the desperate attempt by companies to diversify and innovate competitively as another milestone or perhaps a watershed in the dental specialism concerned with the design and manufacture of devices such as orthodontic splints (Fig.1), surgical guides, and dentures. While it is seemingly laudable that polymers and metals, which form the bulk of dental devices, can now be processed by 3DP, limited scientific evidence exists on their biological safety. It is, therefore, my intention to highlight some pertinent findings from my doctoral study that examined medically-approved photopolymers using the innovative zebrafish embryo model and analytical spectrometry.


3DHEALS Influencer Interview: Stephen Anderson, Renishaw

What do you think is (are) the biggest challenge(s) in 3D Printing/bio-printing? What do you think the potential solution(s) is (are)?

“The biggest challenge(s) in metal 3D Printing for serial end-use production implants are the elimination of machine variability, improving machine productivity and reducing cost per part while maintaining highest provable quality standards in the metallurgy of the part. This will be achieved with continuously improving manufacturing processes and by making deterministic machines so that users can measure machine and process performance. For PSIs the challenges are different: Accuracy of the scanners to capture patient data from which the PSI is modeled. The accuracy of the segmentation software that today still requires humans (source of variation) to make judgments about bone boundaries. Better design osteo-integrable surfaces while considering downstream implant removals. The desirability of on-demand printing and whether every hospital needs a printer etc.”


3DHEALS Community Manager Spotlight: Kuwait

Dr. Ahmad Alali, currently works in the plastic surgery department, Babtain center of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Kuwait. He completed MSc in plastic and reconstructive surgery in University College London on 3D printing application in plastic surgery. Dr. Alali published several papers on this subject and attended conferences to promote 3D printing in healthcare. Furthermore, Dr. Alali is a board member in the international society of digital medicine and editorial board member in Journal of Digital Medicine. Read his interview with 3DHEALS.

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3DHEALS Brazil, São Paulo: Healthcare 3D Printing and Bioprinting, Next Generation – Pitch3D Competition Application Open NOW!


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  4. 3D Systems Brazil offered a prize for the competition. They are giving vouchers for the imprima3d.com.br and their printing service. First place will win 1000.00 BRL to print products and second place will win 500.00 BRL. Winners will be invited to visit their facilities too.

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