3DHEALS Weekly Newsletter February 25th, 2019

Five Reasons Cybersecurity Will Play a Critical Role in 3D Printing in Healthcare

By Stephan Thomas

In this series of three articles, we explore five critical risk areas related to data integrity, their consequences, and ways to mitigate them.

Additive manufacturing (AM) is fundamentally changing how the medical industry designs, manufactures, distributes, and maintains products. Soon, all medical products will be part of a digital process — from design through simulation to manufacturing. Additive manufacturing has the potential to offer a faster, more flexible supply chain that accelerates the prototyping process, decreases time to market, reduces waste, and better serves the needs of clients and patients. This benefits the industry in the development of prosthetics, implants, bioprinted organs, spare parts for medical equipment and drugs by lowering the cost production and enabling fully customized products to be made available at the time and place of need…


3DHEALS Influencer Interviews: 

3DHEALS Influencer Interview: Yi Arnold, Theradaptive

What inspired you to start your journey in 3D printing (bio-fabrication/bio-printing)?

My colleague Dr. Todd Heil is the 3d printing guru on the team, from whom I learn a little bit about 3D printing every day. My current company, Theradaptive, is using 3D printing to enable highly targeted biologic delivery to create scaffolds for protein and cell delivery for orthopedic regeneration and sports medicine. Our current product development focuses on 3D printed bioactive tissue substitutes that are custom-designed, have mechanical and physical properties similar to native tissue, and can safely deliver the most potent growth factors and cells, for tissue repair and regeneration.” Read more. 

3DHEALS Community Manager: Boston

Gerald Matarazzo: is a certified project manager, LSS GB, and 3D Printing Application Engineer for thermoplastics and metals who regularly consults with medical professionals and device manufacturers on how to implement and optimize 3D Printing technologies. Gerald’s goal as Community Manager is to better connect the vibrant medical professional and medical device communities in the greater Boston area. Gerald looks forward to helping Boston further advance bioprinting and 3D Printing innovation, consulting, and business development in the Greater Boston Area.

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The objectives of this white paper are to provide clarification and in-depth discussion of the topics below, which are critical elements to the additive manufacturing industry in healthcare:

  • Definition of biocompatibility.
  • Discussion on how biocompatibility is assessed within the current regulations of materials and medical devices by major regulatory agencies.
  • Summary of how different regulatory agencies are managing the introduction of 3D printing into the healthcare space to date.
  • List of major available biocompatibility materials and those in development.

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