Connect to a talented and powerful network that will be impactful to both healthcare and technological worlds. Through 3DHEALS networks, members can collaborate on projects, form partnerships, and co-found companies.

Educate global communities in language people understand.

Provide high-quality content on healthcare applications using 3D printing, bioprinting/bio fabrication, and related technologies (i.e. AI/ML, material science, regenerative medicine, AR/VR, etc.) to a highly curated high-quality audience from different disciplines of the ecosystem to engage in meaningful conversations.

Discover startups/innovators. Give them a world-facing stage to be visible.

3DHEALS community events provide an effective global stage for local early adopters, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Early-stage startups can pitch in front of institutional investors both online and offline, from all over the world. 


We value leadership over hierarchy.  People who take initiatives, who go for the extra mile, who act as leaders should lead. Every 3DHEALS CM will have the opportunity to lead.

We do what we promise. We finish what we start and what we promise to deliver.

We live locally but build globally. We leverage the benefit of being a part of an international organization and reach across our borders to establish friendships, partnerships, collaborations.

We engage. We take every new connection, conversation, idea, seriously and with respect. We make our community members feel heard and understood. We are the lighthouse for our members. We are nodes of a powerful social web, with strong connections to each other in every direction.

We build. Great things take time to build. One name card, one email address, one connection at a time.

Our Journey:

As a radiologist, 3D printing really blurs the line between the digital imaging world and the physical world. Years ago,  I wanted to make my own models to help the surgeons I work with, but there was no clear pathway. In addition to cost, the software and hardware were both challenging to use. There was no instruction. That‚Äôs why I started 3DHEALS, initially a small meetup group in San Francisco, to meet people who could help me with achieving my own goal of making a model. However, very soon, the group attracted talented professions from many different disciplines: engineering, healthcare providers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and more. Everyone brings in expertise from their own background, and our meetings soon become more formally organized events, first in SF, then all over the world.

The format of having people from different backgrounds to have direct conversations with one another is well received. At 3DHEALS events, ideas can become reality, blueprints can be an actual product. Together, we share the vision that 3D Printing will be one of the major forces that will revolutionize healthcare.

In the past two years, with the help of 30+ dedicated community managers, 3DHEALS has grown from a single city to now over 20+ cities all over the world and growing. Today, we are actively building 3DHEALS both offline and online, and wish geography will no longer pose as a barrier for members in this group to connect, innovate, and succeed together. Our mission will remain to: educate, connect, and discover in healthcare 3D printing and bioprinting space.

-Jenny Chen, M.D. Founder/CEO, 3DHEALS


Everyone who is actively engaged or simply interested in the application of 3D printing technology in the healthcare sector is invited to join. This includes, but is not limited to, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, developers, investors, designers, and regulators. We welcome everyone from medical, dental, and bioprinting communities to join us. Join the Tribe now, and let’s tackle daring projects together!

Team Members

Hui Jenny Chen, M.D.

CEO/Founder More info ...
Jenny Chen, MD, is currently the Founder and CEO of 3DHEALS, a company focusing on education and industrial research in the space of bioprinting, regenerative medicine, healthcare applications using 3D printing. She is trained as a neuroradiologist, Dr. Chen holds degrees in both medicine and radiology from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and completed fellowship training in neuroradiology at Harvard Medical School. She currently serves as Adjunct Clinical Faculty in neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center. With a focus on health technology, Dr. Chen also serves as a startup Mentor to IndieBio EU and French Tech Hub, tech accelerators that help IT and life science companies launch and expand their product offerings, identify customers, and manage operations. Her interests lie in the applications of emerging technologies (especially in the field of 3D printing and bioprinting), automated biology, and has a vision of decentralized and personalized healthcare delivery system for our near future.  

Dr. Nabeel Cajee

Dental Ambassador More info ...

Dr. Mayasari Lim

Bioprinting Ambassador More info ...
Dr. Mayasari Lim is founder and CEO of SE3D, a startup focused on next generation 3D bioprinters and its applications in research and education. Previously, she was a professor in Bioengineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), a top engineering university in Singapore. Her research expertise included stem cell engineering, bioprocess design, bioprinting and tissue engineering. Dr. Lim is an active woman entrepreneur among the Indonesian professionals and women engineering community in the Bay Area, she is also currently teaching courses at the Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership in UC Berkeley. Dr. Lim obtained her Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London and her B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering at UC Berkeley.

Rance Tino

3DHEALS Editorial Assistant More info ...
Rance Tino has a B.S in Biomedical Engineering at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia. Rance continued the academic pathway at RMIT as a Ph.D. candidate and is currently in his last year of candidacy. His current research is in collaboration with the Victoria Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC), in particular with the Peter MacCallum Physical Sciences department in developing novel Radiotherapy Phantoms using 3D printing for lung cancer treatment planning. His research is currently funded by the ARC Industrial Training Centre in Additive Biomanufacturing, which is a team effort in developing the next generation of Additive Biomanufacturing technologies and future leaders in Australia.

3DHEALS Community Managers

Hannah Riedle

Community Manager, Munich More info ...
Hannah is a research associate at the Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems of the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. She lives in Munich, where she also studied medical technologies at the faculty of mechanical engineering at the TU Munich. Her research concentrates on 3D printing of medical models and devices based on anatomical image data.

Kate Clancy

Community Manager- Toronto, Canada More info ...
Kate first completed a degree in Biochemistry then pursued a masters in Biomedical Engineering. She is interested in the interaction of materials with biological systems, the advancement of bioprinting, and the creation of patient-specific devices.

Benjamine Holmes

Community Manager, Washington DC More info ...
Ben is the CEO of Nanochon. He is an engineer and entrepreneur interested in how promising biotechnology is developed and commercialized. He has experience and active interest in tissue engineering research, 3D printing, bioactive materials, nanotechnology, medical devices, entrepreneurship, and commercialization.

Dr. Mayra Vasques

Community Manager, San Paulo, Brazil More info ...
Mayra is a Ph.D. Fellow at School of Dentistry at the University of Sao Paulo, where she leads a project in 3D printing focused on offering the digital technology as one solution for patients with orofacial pain and dental patients with functional limitation. She is deeply involved in creating a positive ecosystem and accessibility for digital technology and 3D-printing for patients and dentists adapting to an emergent market reality (Brazil).

Fabio Sant'Ana

Community Manager, San Paulo, Brazil More info ...
Fabio Sant’Ana has Precision Mechanics degree and Business Administration Bachelor’s , born and raised in São Paulo he has 25 years experience in helping companies to aquire and take full advantage of 3d Machining and Additive Manufacturing Equipment . Entrepreneur and knowledge avid is member of stardarts organizations ASTM F42 Additive Manufacturing , ABNT CEE-261 Manufatura Aditiva e ABNT CB-26 Odonto-Médico-Hospitalar . CAD/CAM , Surface Modelling and EBM specialist he is passionate in connect people and companies to the right tools to accomplish the mission.

Lisa Zeng

Community Manager, Shanghai More info ...
P/L responsibility for both emerging market and developed market ‚Äď Leadership in cross function and culture surroundings ‚Äď From 0 to 1, define a business in digital dentistry ‚Äď Dental, Medical L

Kuan-Lin Chen

Community Manager, Taiwan More info ...
Kuan-Lin Chen is an Orthopedic resident experienced in designing surgical instruments that were successfully brought to multi-center trials. His cross-disciplinary capabilities in Computer-Assisted Design, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and insight into surgical procedures make him the perfect bridge of bringing surgeons‚Äô idea to reality. He is also a graduate from the Translational Medicine Program at UC Berkeley and UCSF. The skill sets he acquired including business, regulatory and intellectual property strategy development provides valuable guidance from concept to market. During leisure time, he loves photography, playing tennis and designing gadgets. He also holds several patents, including one for a popular accessory for medical students  

Mahendran Reddy

Community Manager, Singapore More info ...
Mahendran Reddy is a highly driven professional with 20 years of international professional experience in the creative industries in both the private and public sectors. As a trained architect and a media personality, he has held key strategic appointments in driving innovation and initiatives in the civil service, notably the establishment of the National Design Centre in Singapore. At UCT, he has driven the adoption of Additive Manufacturing in its fledgling form in South East Asia mainly in the consumer segment of the business. At NAMIC, he is actively involved in the adoption of Additive Manufacturing in the Industries by initiating collaborative research projects with Industry and Institutes of Higher Learning. He brings with him an in-depth knowledge in management, government processes and procurement, design thinking skills and excellent interpersonal and professional competencies.  

Michael Joyce

Community Manager, Dublin More info ...
Michael received his undergraduate degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Minnesota Duluth. From there, he took a position at Stratasys as a Technical Specialist where he refined his 3D printing skills through a variety of printing applications. After leaving Stratasys to pursue a Masters degree in Stem Cell Biology at the University of Minnesota. Michael focused his research on vascularization of bioprinted constructs in Dr. Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari’s bioprinting laboratory. He then began his PhD at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland under Dr. Fergal O’Brien’s supervision. Currently, he works with gene activated scaffolds for repair of large osteochondral defects.

Gerald Matarazzo

Community Manager, Ohio More info ...
Gerald (Gerry) is currently a Technology Development Engineer at Lubrizol Advanced Materials in Cleveland, OH, USA. His work at Lubrizol includes assisting in the development of new polymers and refining current polymer processes of various 3D printing technologies like HP MJF, and developing 3D print and post-processing applications for the US and EU markets. His previous roles have been as Application Engineers for both regional and national 3D printing and CAD companies mainly with the Stratasys product line of FDM and Polyjet technologies. Gerry also holds a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and is a certified project manager. Currently, Gerry also remotely adjuncts a 3D printing class at Wentworth Insititute of Technology in Boston.
Outside of work, Gerry likes to backpack, watch movies, and scuba dive. Be sure to say hi to him at a local Cleveland meetup or any of the major 3D printing conferences.

Nilay Parikh

Community Manager, Chicago More info ...
Nilay Parikh works in the position of Global Project Manager ‚Äď Additive Manufacturing with Danfoss, where he is in charge of setting up the internal Danfoss Additive Design and Manufacturing (ADM) Competency Centers in Europe, US, and Asia. Having successfully set the Danfoss European ADM Center at the HQ in Denmark, he recently moved back to the United States to start the implementation of the North American AM Center. Nilay is also in charge of training and development of the Danfoss workforce in AM and evangelizing of Additive and Digital Manufacturing methodologies across Danfoss globally. Having attained Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, Nilay has worked as Project Facilitator and Consultant with a premier Additive Manufacturing service provider in the Southern California area before joining Danfoss. As a Masters student, Nilay had the chance to work on researching the prospects of 4D printing in the CRAFT (Center for Rapid Automated Fabrication Technologies Lab) at USC.

Justin Baker

Community Manager, Cleveland More info ...
Dr. Justin Baker graduated magna cum laude and with university honors in mechanical engineering from Brigham Young University (BYU). Dr. Baker subsequently earned his PhD in Bioengineering from the University of Utah. A postdoctoral fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic brought him and his family to Cleveland in 2010. Since then Dr. Baker has worked for a number of local start-up and mid-size medical device companies. Dr. Baker has worked the last 4 years in the Regenerative Medicine and advanced wound care field. In 2014, Dr. Baker was certified in Regulatory Affairs (RAC). He currently serves as the Director of Business Development for Viscus Biologics.

Tyler Scherr

Community Manager, Omaha, Nebraska More info ...
Tyler Scherr is a licensing associate at UNeMed, working with university inventors to protect and market their intellectual property. A science enthusiast and occasional inventor, he always enjoys hearing new ideas and is passionate about connecting people to resources. A native of Aberdeen, S.D., he holds a bachelor’s degree in biosystems engineering from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and a doctoral degree in biomedical research from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. His interests in 3D printing generally include all medical applications, from medical device prototyping to bioprinting. He also enjoys utilizing 3D printing for STEM education and outreach. Tyler is a member of the Omaha-based medical 3D Printing consortium, NE-3D Health, the Omaha STEM Ecosystem, and a contributor to the Innovation Overground podcast. In his free time, Tyler enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, Joelle, 6-year-old son, Jaxton, and golden retriever, Evie.

Zsolt P√°sztor

3DHEALS Community Manager, Budapest, Hungary More info ...

Zsolt is strongly engaged in the application of 3D printing in the healthcare sector and committed to its distribution in the Central and Eastern European Region. He is the Managing Director of Premet, a company focusing on the production of titanium and PEEK products for the dental and medical sectors. He is the leader of the Noesis 3D Printing Training Center. A primary objective of the center is the development and delivery of training courses for the representatives of the health sector. The first training course addresses digital dentistry. Zsolt is founder and Vice-President of the Hungarian Additive Technology Association. He is the lead expert of a project aiming at facilitating transnational cooperation of Hungarian entities on the application of 3D printing in the health sector.

He is very interested in importing best practices to Hungary and in a broader sense to the Central and Eastern European region and export them from the Region.

Richard Doerer

3DHEALS Community Manager, Detroit More info ...
Richard is the Director of Technology at BioModel3D a Detroit based start-up segmenting and printing vascular, orthopedic, craniomaxillofacial and veterinarian models. He also is the Additive and Engineering Manager for Adient, LLC in automotive/airline seating in Plymouth, MI. Richard brings 25 plus years in product development, management and entrepreneurial start-ups that strived to create value by commercializing innovation, creativity and problem‚Äďsolving for customers. He is a Yale MFA and Michigan State University MBA graduate.

William Harley

3DHEALS Community Manager, Melbourne More info ...
William graduated with honors in medical biotechnology from the University of New South Wales. Currently, he is undertaking a Ph.D. at the University of Melbourne in acoustophoretic bioprinting. Stemming from his research experience in biomaterials, stem cells, and nanofabrication, he is driven by the clinical translation of personalized regenerative medicine. He is passionate about the innovation of 3D printing in healthcare and is determined to orchestrate a series of 3D HEALS events to engage in the Australian community.

Prashanth Ray

3DHEALS Community Manager, Nagpur, India More info ...

Prashanth Ray is the Chief of R & D and Co-founder of LUCID IMPLANTS, a MedTech company

that helps the surgeon to predict and validate medical device for a specific patient by providing

custom polymer and metal implants as a bone replacement.

He remains in constant pursuit in the research and development of new ideas, identifying clinical

needs and translating research into real-world solutions. If he were to put his 4 best knowledge

areas in order they would be as follows: 3D Printing, Tissue Engineering, CAD/CAM, Electronics

and Electrical systems.

He was a visiting researcher at the Johns Hopkins University, USA in the summer of 2018.

Shashank Misra

3DHEALS Community Manager, Mumbai, India More info ...
A mechanical engineer, serial entrepreneur and the Founder of Be Global Additive, where he is in charge of manufacturing and materials research. He has an MS in Sustainable Energy Futures from Imperial College London where he also completed certification on entrepreneurship in climate change and innovation offered by Climate-KIC. Since his masters, he worked on access to energy projects and products working to provide the base-of-pyramid population with clean and affordable energy. Co-founded a venture in Tanzania which spun out of a project pitched at the United Nations, where he focused on product development and business strategy. With Be Global Additive, he believes in democratizing additive manufacturing through innovation in materials.

Jim Long

3DHEALS Community Manager, North Carolina More info ...
Jim Long¬†graduated from Indiana University.¬† He then accepts a medical device role at Cook Medical. There he worked as a District Sales Manager in the Aortic Intervention Division and developed education for newer and less invasive patient therapies. Through his clinical experience with Cook, he became an endovascular clinical specialist for patients with aortic aneurysms.¬† This experience led him to his current role in minimally invasive heart valve therapies at Medtronic (TAVR). He recently completed a certificate in Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Design & Production through MIT. When asked to summarize his thoughts in additive manufacturing, Jim states, ‚ÄúI‚Äôve been fortunate to have a front-row seat in the operating room for close to 15 years and I am constantly intrigued at how new technologies provide roads where we used to see dead ends.¬† I know that as AM expands deeper into the medical realm, opportunities to find better solutions for patients will emerge. This is a very exciting time.‚ÄĚ

Joseph Borrello

Community Manager, New York More info ...
Joseph Borrello is currently a biomedical engineer and PhD Candidate at Mount Sinai, working in the labs of Drs. Kevin Costa and Junqian Xu, in addition to managing digital fabrication operations within the Sinai BioDesign innovation team. Previously, he worked at 3D Systems on technical development in the consumer marketing department and as a liaison with engineering project management teams. He received his bachelors in Biomedical Engineering from Macaulay Honors College at The City College of New York, where I remain active in the Zahn Innovation Center, an on-campus tech startup incubator. Joseph is also an active member of the New York City startup ecosystem. He is the founder of Proto-Sauce, which is developing new materials for resin-based 3D printing, as well as the CTO of Biosapien, leveraging 3D printing to produce personalized therapeutics. He also tries to summarize as many of the local happenings as he can in his newsletter Magnitude and Direction. Finally, Joseph is also the editorial assistant for 3DHEALS Lattice newsletter, where he tirelessly curate the best content for healthcare 3D printing and bioprinting community with the 3DHEALS team.

Ryan Harold, M.D.

Community Manager, Chicago More info ...
Ryan Harold, M.D.,¬† originally from Chicago, IL, first became interested in 3D printing as a hobby. His passion for 3D printing then merged with his profession, as he now uses 3D printing for surgical planning and as a research tool in Orthopedic Surgery. Ryan is currently a resident in Orthopedic Surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL. Ryan was born in the city of Chicago but grew up in Wheeling, IL ‚Äď a northwest suburb of the city. He completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University and medical school at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In his free time, he enjoys running, golfing, and traveling.

Jordan Elevons

Community Manager, Boston More info ...
Jordan is a trained Industrial Designer and computer graphics artist. His skillset spans computer graphics, CAD & CAM and of course, 3D printing. In his professional career, he has designed a composite car chassis, consumer products, and even photorealistic architecture visualization. He is a "3D Engineer".Jordan is also very passionate about education and has taught a public class in CAD & 3D printing for the last 5 years. He has put on webinars and educational talks for 3DPrint.com, Formlabs and the Gnomon School. He was born on St. Croix in the USVI and currently resides in Massachusetts, USA. In his free time I’m into aviation, R/C planes, gaming, Virtual Reality and spending time with his wife and three cats.

Peter Rowland

Community Manager, New York More info ...
Peter is currently a National Sales Director managing the Eastern Region of the largest distributor of Stratasys 3D Printers in the country.  His experience in leadership, technology, and process improvement has led to many roles in which leveraging technology and real-world applications have had compelling results.  He believes that the application of additive manufacturing and associated technology in the healthcare space is a powerful combination and hopes to use his position and experience to further that message.

Vidya C. Narasimhan

Community Manager, San Francisco More info ...
Dr. Vidya graduated with a Doctorate by Research from Nanyang Technological University in 2018. Her Ph.D. work focused on developing bioactive polymeric scaffolds for tissue regeneration applications. She has interned at reputed universities and institutions such as MIT-Harvard (2013) and National Chemical Laboratory, Pune India (2012). She was the title winner of the Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition, in Australia (2017), and a finalist at the Falling Walls Lab Competition in Singapore (2019). Over and above her academic activities, Vidya has developed her interpersonal and leadership skills. She is the recipient of the Women in Engineering, Technology and Sciences Conference Grant, served as President of the Graduate Student Body at NTU and presided as the Chair of Young Researcher’s Symposium in Poland in 2018. Apart from playing a vital role as the organising committee for various successful academic events and interacting with eminent researchers, she has contributed to student welfare through fundraising, mentoring and clean campus initiatives. In addition to her long-term goal to contribute significantly towards mimicking the principles of biological systems, Vidya is fond of traveling, reading and Indian classical music.

James McCartney

3DHEALS Vancouver Community Manager More info ...
James McCartney is Co-Founder of HeadStart Medical a medical device manufacturer of 3D printed custom cranial bands for infants with flat head syndrome. He is passionate about innovation and using new technologies to improve in everyday life. He has worked with companies to commercialize new products and has over a decade of business development and project management experience with university and college applied research. James helped establish a 24 hour makerspace just outside of Vancouver Canada dedicated to 3D design, simulation and 3D printing. James holds a Masters in Software Engineering (Regis University), a Bachelors of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (Royal Roads University) and has taken technology programs/courses at Singularity University, Wake Forest University and McGill University. He is looking to collaborate and enable growth in the 3D Heals community.

Past 3DHEALS Community Managers

Dr. Jana Waldes, M.D.

Community Manager, San Francisco More info ...
Jana is trained as a pediatrician; she worked in University Hospitals in France and in Czech Republic. She also worked as a physician in Ivory Coast with Doctors without Borders and that experience further increased her interest in new technologies and approaches to make quality healthcare more affordable and accessible.Jana is currently an Adjunct Lecturer in the Radiology department at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and she resides in Bay Area with her family and 3 children.Outside of work Jana has a passion for interior design, ballroom dancing, ice-skating and enjoys spending time with her family.

Srinivas Saripalle

Community Manager, India More info ...
Sri Saripalle is the Innovation lead at Random Designs CA, Inc. and Rem3Dii. He designs Virtual Reality based end-to-end 3D Medical Imaging and Printing solutions as well as Application Specific Integrated Circuits embedded with sensors. He has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing semiconductors with companies like Globalfoundries, Dongbu, ON Semi, Spike Technologies (acquired by Qualcomm). He believes ‚ÄúCollaboration is key‚ÄĚ to disruption and innovation and is very passionate about building communities and bringing together like-minded individuals. He is an amateur musician who has been performing Indian music worldwide, a swimmer that likes to swim in the Bay and a volunteer for STEM programs, eNable Foundation and a community manager for 3D Heals. He lives in Sunnyvale with his wife, two kids and parents.

Aida Kafai

Community Manager, London More info ...
Aida is a graduate medical student at Imperial College London. She completed her classical lyceum in Italy before moving to London to her higher education. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2016 and she has worked as a graduate scientist on various projects including carcinogenesis in brain tumours and brain mapping during awake brain surgery. She strongly believes in the role of physician-scientist that works on both the bench and bed-side and she hopes to collaborate with the 3D Heals team to bring more innovation into the medical practice to improve patient care. She is passionate about Neuroscience and Philosophy and she aspires to become a neurosurgeon.

Fernanda Valentino

Community Manager, Chicago More info ...
Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Fernanda is passionate about bringing people together in creative and innovative ways. She earned a B.A., Dip. Ed. in Languages from the University of Western Australia. She has worked in Film, TV, and Interactive Multimedia Production, Project Management and Advertising. Most recently she was Associate Director of Development at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Medicine, Neuroscience, and Neurology. Fernanda thrives on being challenged every day and loves connecting people to their philanthropic goals. She believes that cross-collaboration is essential not only in healthcare and medicine but across a broad spectrum of areas and disciplines.

Samantha Lindsay

Community Manager, Boston More info ...
Sam Lindsay is originally from Carson City, Nevada and now resides in Providence, Rhode Island with her husband, Cory, and dog, Maggie. She has worked at SIMULIA for five years as a partner manager for North America ISV and hardware partners. Her main responsibility is ensuring the success of both the partner and SIMULIA by creating a synergetic relationship between the companies. She has a passion for relationship development, leadership, and education. She has a degree in English Literature and Culture Anthropology and is currently pursuing an MBA at Johnson & Wales University.

Sarah Fink

Community Manager, Melbourne More info ...
Sarah is a Design Engineer in a Melbourne-based medical device company, which specialises in 3D-printed and customised devices. She is also the co-founder of an early stage medtech start up. Sarah completed a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Engineering (Biomedical) at the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship as well as medical devices and the application of 3D printing in healthcare.

Felipe Iglesias Pernas

Community Manager, Vigo More info ...
Enfermero del servicio de urgencias hospitalarias Hospital √Ālvaro Cunqueiro con experiencia en Hemodi√°lisis, M√©dico-quir√ļrgica y Atenci√≥n Primaria desde 2001. Dise√Īador gr√°fico freelance dise√Īo publicitario y editorial desde 1996. Consultor IT de pymes desde 1997. Formador cursos RCP en distintas convocatorias para empresas externas desde 2003-2007. Miembro del estudio multic√©ntrico COLONPREV de prevenci√≥n de CCR desde 2008-act. Seleccionado FASE Academia del programa de Aceleradora Startup V√≠aVigo convocatoria oct-dic 2013. Fundador y Event manager MESTURA EVENTOS S.L. con experiencia en secretar√≠a t√©cnica y congresos m√©dicos 2014-act. Project Manager en MedicalESP desde ene ‚Äď ago 2015. Seleccionado FASE Academia del programa de Aceleradora Startup V√≠aVigo convocatoria oct-dic 2015. CEO de GYMMER (startup de nueva bicicleta de spinning conectada) ago 2015-act. Certificaci√≥n del Creativity Certification Program CPS nivel 1 feb 2016. Dise√Īo UX y piezas gr√°ficas de APP, mobile y desktop en varios proyectos eHealth 2015-act. Participante del NODO DE INNOVACI√ďN (PLATAFORMA INNOVACI√ďN ACIS) ene 2016-act. Participante en varios talleres de fase precomercial Empowered Patient y Desarrollo de soluciones innovadoras dentro del ACIS 2016 ene-2016-act. Mentor en las jornadas organizadas por MIT en colaboraci√≥n con la fundaci√≥n M+VISION Hacking Chronic Disease Mayo 2016.

Dr. Alex Alamri

Community Manager, London More info ...
Alex is a neurosurgical resident at The Royal London Hospital in the United Kingdom. He graduated from St . George’s, University of London in 2011 and finished his Foundation training in Cambridge. He was a full time anatomy demonstrator at King’s College London and a clinical fellow in neurosurgery at King’s College Hospital in 2014 before starting neurosurgery training in London. He sees medical education as a vital part of being a good doctor and is also a budding medical illustrator. His interest in 3D printing has stemmed from the desire to create patient-specific anatomical models for surgical planning and consenting, as well as creating neurosurgical simulation models. Outside of work he likes photography, drawing, supersport motorbikes and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Dr. Daniel Ortiz

Community Manager, Washington More info ...
Daniel is a chief radiology resident at Eastern Virginia Medical School. In 2018, he will be attending the University of California San Diego for a musculoskeletal imaging fellowship. Given his subspecialty interest, Daniel’s focus in 3D printing is in orthopedic applications. He also has an interest in AI and AR/VR applications for medical imaging. Active in organized radiology, he serves as the Vice Chair of the American College of Radiology Resident and Fellow Section and President of the American Alliance of Academic Chief Residents in Radiology. He hopes to use his background in government relations to help the medical 3D printing industry move forward by organizing conversations in Washington D.C. with various stakeholders and governmental entities. In his free time, Daniel likes to spend time with his wife Tiffany and their 4 year old son, Maxwell.

Dr. Pedro Martinez Seijas

Community Manager, Vigo More info ...
Pedro Martinez Seijas MD. Ph.D. MSc. MSc. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon at Donostia University Hospital (San Sebastian. Spain). HM Hospital Vigo (Spain). He is a visiting Professor in Biomedical Engineering at Mondragon University (Spain) and European Fellow Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Bruges. Belgium). Doctorate (2015) with doctoral thesis ‚ÄúVariability control using 3D printing biomodels in head and neck reconstruction with auto-transplant. Clinical Process Management‚ÄĚ. His work is focused on personalized medicine for dental implants restoration, head, and neck surgical oncologic and surgical reconstruction, cranial and maxillofacial deformities.

Christien Kopas

Community Manager, Vancouver, Canada More info ...
Responsible for Implementation of multiple intraoral scanners and CNC mills into dental clinics as well as STL inboxes into dental labs across Canada. Responsible for promotions, social media, marketing ideas, dental media interviews, public speaking, and relationship building to promote a CAD-CAM and 3D printing workflow with implant companies, milling centers, dental software companies, dental labs, universities, hospitals and trade schools across Canada. I am an expert in Dental CAD CAM solutions from IOS in the dental office to dental lab production to implant planning to milling solutions…

Jess Charlap

Community Manager, Boston More info ...
Jess Charlap is a champion of the Boston innovation community with a special interest in biofabrication, design thinking, and the internet of things. Jess is currently Senior Marketing Coordinator for Science and Technology at EYP, a nationwide architecture, and engineering firm, where she uses her passion for cutting-edge science to support clients at leading research institutions. She is also a member of the Boston Advisory Council for the Design Museum, a local nonprofit devoted to design advocacy and education..

Irene Healey

Community Manager, Toronto, Canada More info ...
Irene Healey trained as a fine art sculptor and later received a degree in medical art. She has combined her interest in the body and technology in her work as a Certified Clinical Anaplastologist. She is the founder of New Attitude Prosthetic Designs Inc and has a clinical practice working directly with patients to provide various types of realistic and functional custom facial and body prostheses. She maintains a research practice and is enthusiastic about using 3D printing to create new types of prosthetics and is excited about using new manufacturing technologies to make custom made prostheses available to everyone in need.

Arnaud Toutain

Community Manager, Paris More info ...
Arnaud lives in Paris where he studied structural mechanics and biomechanics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure. He worked as the vascular project leader at BIOMODEX, a startup which designs and fabricates 3D printed surgical simulators, for medical training and pre-operative planning. He currently works as a Digital Consultant at Deloitte Digital France and is responsible for its 3D printing offering definition. His interests include data science, AI, 3D printing and more broadly breakthrough technologies.

Mohamed Elawad

Community Manager, Dubai More info ...
Mohamed Elawad is the founder of Medativ, a Dubai based research and consulting firm focused on the medical applications of 3D printing. As an entrepreneur and technologist, his passion is leveraging emerging technology to advance healthcare, and making healthcare more accessible and affordable. These interests led him to becoming one of the strongest proponents and enablers of 3D printing in medicine in the Middle East.

Ben Salatin

Community Manager, Albuquerque, New Mexico More info ...
Ben is a clinical rehabilitation engineer at the US Dept of Veterans Affairs Spinal Cord Injury Center in Albuquerque, NM.  He started his VA career in Virginia helping to build an Assistive Technology Program and while there pioneered the use of 3D printing as a way to collaboratively create custom end use assistive technology with Veterans and their therapists.  Seeing that there was minimal understanding of 3D printing‚Äôs potential among staff, Ben has become a leading advocate within the VA nationally for the innovative application of 3D printing across healthcare disciplines collaborating with staff from prosthetics, rehabilitation therapy, radiology, surgery and biomedical engineering.

Annabelle Drault

Community Manager, Paris More info ...
Annabelle Drault has a scientific background specialized in Biology and medical sciences. After engineering school, where she had two majors biomechanics/biomaterials and Imaging/computer science, Annabelle headed to Belgium for her final internship in software development in a company providing patient-specific surgical guides for bone tumor resection. Annabelle then decided to come back to her home country to be part of the Biomodex adventure where she started as ENT project leader developing a cochlear implantation simulator, she is now the global product manager for their Endovascular intracranial aneurysm solution traveling the world to meet users and clients. Annabelle is pretty much interested in everything in life and is always thrilled to discover what are people‚Äôs experience. She is passionate about film photography and Haute couture work (fabric, embroidery, leather, flowers, feather),  doing things with her hands and also went to fashion school when she was in Belgium.

Collrane Frivold

Community Manager, Seattle More info ...
Collrane Frivold is a Program Associate at PATH, an international nonprofit and leader in global health innovation, in the Devices and Tools Program‚Äôs Delivery and Packaging Technologies Portfolio. In that capacity, she contributes to the development of tools and methods that improve the safety, acceptability, and effectiveness of the vaccine and drug delivery. Collrane is committed to researching innovations that save lives and improve health in underserved and remote areas, especially through increasing equitable access to vaccines and essential medicines. She is very excited about several 3D printing applications that could improve health including rapid prototyping, printing medical devices like prosthetics, and printing solid dose forms for pharmaceuticals. Collrane holds an MSPH degree in Global Disease Epidemiology and Control from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and a bachelor‚Äôs degree in Biochemistry from Occidental College.  

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