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Developing a way to 3D print ceramics to improve efficiency, enable adding complexity and simplifying the production process, the project turned into a company in 2013: Admatec Europe.

Headquarters Hamsterkoog 7 Alkmaar CD 1822 The Netherlands
Categories: 3D Printers
Phone: +31 85 077 7101


Back in 2012 Formatec, an established Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) company, was exploring new ways in shaping ceramics to add to their portfolio. Pioneering with 3D printing ceramics, a material -still- fairly unknown in AM but with great properties and regarded as a superior material, would open up a wide span of possibilities. In their effort, Formatec joined forces with Energy Center Netherlands (ECN), an experienced research institute, to start up a project with the aim to push the boundaries changing the traditional manufacturing industry and its associated limitations, through the formation of a new company: Admatec.