Interview: Daisy Zhu, Co-founder of 3D Science Valley

Daisy Zhu是3D Science Valley的联合创始人,这是一个专注于增材制造的评论媒体平台。她负责在牙科行业,整形外科行业以及康复器具行业出版3D打印白皮书。她是“汽车工业技术与发展报告中的3D打印”和“3D打印与工业制造”一书的作者之一。她曾在多个医学论坛,创业沙龙和科普活动中担任主讲人。 Daisy Zhu is a co-founder of 3D Science Valley, a commentary media platform focusing on additive manufacturing. She is responsible for the publication of a white paper of 3D printing in the dental industry, orthopedic industry as well as rehabilitation appliances industry. She is one of the authors of the book ‘ 3D…

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