Weekly Newsletter April 15th, 2019

Expert Corner: Five Reasons Cybersecurity Will Play Critical Role in 3D Printing in Healthcare – Part 2

By: Stephan Thomas

Expert Corner: Five Reasons Cybersecurity Will Play Critical Role in 3D Printing in Healthcare – Part 2

In my last post, I discussed how the transition that we’re observing to digital manufacturing (especially additive manufacturing) means medical device manufacturers are confronted with a new set of risks related to the management and control of the engineering and manufacturing data of their products. I identified five key risk areas that manufacturers must secure in order to safeguard their brand value. In this post, I’ll focus on three of them: IP risk, liability risk, and confidentiality risk.

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The  “Expert Corner” blogs aim to provide 3DHEALS readers unfiltered first-person narratives from industry experts and entrepreneurs in healthcare 3D printing and bioprinting fields. Zero-degree of separation is what we want to achieve between the cutting-edge technology and 3DHEALS community.

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Influencer Interviews

luis fernando

Luiz Fernando Michaelis, Co-founder & CEO of Hefesto Med Tech, Brazil 

“My inspiration began in the first year of residency but the one case that made me jump from being a clinician and dive into developing was a lady with terminal breast cancer and no real treatment to alleviate her pain from a femur fracture ‘cause there were no anesthetic options or orthopedic implants capable of doing it.”


Doris Canen, 3D Printing Tax Law Expert, Brazil  

“Brazil´s complex tax system is definitely one of the biggest challenges in my line of work and finding creative solutions for new technology considering an “older” local and international system is also a challenge. To overcome them understanding the different and changing interpretations of the rules and the risks involved is necessary.”

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